Sabbiatrici a pressione
SaPressure Sandblasting machines
Pressure sandblasting machines, whose cost is higher than cabins with intake function, offer, with the same air consumption, the following advantages:
  • a clearly higher result using the same abrasive
  • the possibility of making wider pressure regulations and abrasive quantity regulations
  • possibility of using metal abrasives (where possible) instead of aluminium oxide, that means a consequent and remarkable reduction of abrasive wear and tear and of the parts that come into contact with it.
  • possibility of making a better abrasive selection
Cabin pressure plants are usually composed of:
  • CABIN equipped with security take-off run on access doors, inner or taking out rotary table, arrangement for pneumatic link and pressure regulator for sand blasting machine, arrangement for pneumatic and electric link for filter.
  • PRESSURE SAND BLASTING MACHINE to throw the chosen abrasive
  • CYCLONE to select the recovered abrasive
  • FILTER to treat dusty air
  • HIGH PREVALENCE KIT to make the necessary depression to recover and select abrasive and dust inside the cabin