sabbiatrici a cestello
Automatic Sandblasting machines with rotary drum
MOD. SA/550 CR                      Encumbrance dimensions      mm 1270 x 1100 x 1850 h
The machine is equipped with two guns that automatically cast to a rotary drum, Ø 550 mm or, on request, Ø 330 mm, placed inside the cabin, where pieces to treat can be put higgledy-piggledy, with variable dimensions up to maximum some centimetres, for a total charge of about 25 Kgs.
The rotation takes place through a motovariator 380V/50Hz, outside the machine, fixed to rotary drum through a central pivot on bearing.

The AUTOMATIC SANDBLASTING MACHINE WITH ROTARY DRUM is built in conformity with CE 89/392 directive and it's supplied with test note and CE mark, using instructions and conformity declaration.

Warranty is extended to 12 months from delivery date and it includes the replacement of all faulty parts. Warranty doesn't include consumables and every trouble caused by inexperience and/or not allowed used. For consumables constructor's warranty is granted.