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Free spray Sandblasting machines


Each sandblasting machine is equipped with pneumatic remote control, alluminium handle-valve complete with security, locking system and 20 mt. of sheated hose (5 mt. for models SCX24 and mt. 10 for models SC24 and SCX60, SCX120-SCX200) for remote control.
Models SC220 - SC280 are supplied with handlevalve for abrasive dosage Mod.PRV that, controlled through a handwheel system, opens and closes when sandblasting cycle starts and stops, thanks to a pneumatic impulse.

Free spray Sandblasting machines


It’s a range of economic san blasting machines, with remote control, EC certified. They are easy to handle and can be equipped with the following tanks: 24-60-120-200 lt. These models are complete of everything is necessary for their use: abrasive hose, nozzle, protection mask for the user.

Free spray Sandblasting machines

Sand blasting machine with remote control, EC certified,  having a tank of 8 lt., with working pressure regulation system from 0,05 to 8 bar, it’s easy to handle and use and it has been designed and built to carry out cleaning and/or sand blasting works, using any air compressor. The first sandblasting machine that, thanks to its modulating jet, allows to exploit the power supplied by the compressor.

Free spray Sandblasting machines

There is also the possibility of having the set version, that means the MICRAJET machine equipped with:

  • Air extension mod. 10/23 consisting of m.10 air hose i.d.13 x o.d. 23 mm. complete with fittings to connect compressor to blasting machine
  • Complete hood mod. RC4 and 1 spare parts set subject to normal wear and tear
  • Kg.100 of abrasive and abrasive fill measurer of litres 2
  • Trailer-mounted Electro-compressor, voltage 220 Volts mono-phase 2,2 KW, complete with tank of 24 lt.
The complete blasting equipment mod. 8-EM2 is particularly suitable for the use in places or flats, provided with a 3 kw 220 volts mono-phase household meter.