altri prodotti sabbiatura
Its high hardness (8 Mohs scale), low friability and high specific weigh (4,1 Kg./dm3) make it particularly suitable for sand blasting operations through which reaching high level cleaning.

Vegetable grits is made from the wooden part of nutshell. It’s fully used in industries, as it isn’t toxic, it’s biodegradable, not irritant as it doesn’t need special care for handling. Used for deburring of weak metals.

It’s selected dried silica, whose concentration is higher than 97%. The available sizes go form mm.0,1 to maximum mm. 10.

pomice di silice
Pumice powder comes from volcanic rock, porous and light, that is particularly suitable for clean and delicate sand blasting.

carburo di silicio
This elecrofused product comes from the reaction of silicon oxide treated with two molecules of carbon oxide. Its hardness is 2300/3000 Knoops scale and it’s used for refractories, abrasive production, sand blasting. It’s shared out in conformity with FEPA standards.